About Waterloo Science Endowment Fund

The Waterloo Science Endowment Fund (WatSEF) was developed by Science undergraduate students who felt the need for additional funding for education. In the winter of 1991, students voted for WatSEF to be the source of that funding.

Each term student voluntary contributions are collected and placed into an interest bearing account. The interest that is generated annually is then used to make purchases:

  • of equipment that cannot be provided for in the annual Science budget,
  • that will enhance undergraduate & professional program labs for Science, Optometry and Vision Science, and Pharmacy, and
  • that allow for students to work with new technology, comparable to equipment found in industry today.

WatSEF purchases result in immediate improvements to labs and equipment, and long-term benefits improve the value of a Science degree from Waterloo.

WatSEF, and the equipment which it buys, allows students to acquire a superior education!