Why join WatSEF (Waterloo Science Endowment Fund)?

  • Have a say in how your money is being used!
  • Help improve the quality of science labs!
  • Great experience for your resume!

Take a look at how you can get involved:

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) meets 3-4 times per term to discuss maintenance and promotion of WatSEF. The BoD also holds a yearly meeting, open to all students, where all student attendees are able to vote on what equipment to buy with that year's funds.


  1. WatSEF Executive Director (Chair)
  2. WatSEF Assistant Executive Director
  3. Science Society President
  4. Optometry Student Society President
  5. Society of Pharmacy Students President
  6. Three Science Alumni
  7. Nine student reps - One from each department/School, and two non-departmental programs reps plus members at large
  8. Dean of Science (ex-officio)
  9. Faculty of Science Foundation Executive Director (ex-officio)

Executive/Assistant Director Positions:

  • Term - preferably 24 months, 12 acceptable.

  • Liaison with Dean of Science Administrative Assistant and Financial Services reps regarding Endowment principal and monies available for distribution.

  • Appoint 9 students as members of the Funding Council (in conjunction with the Board of Directors).

  • Executive Director chairs and informs the departments of decisions regarding purchases.

  • Plan (Agenda), hold and chair 3-4 meetings each term for Fall & Winter.

  • Delegate or undertake tasks involved with the proper management of the Fund.

Executive Co-Director Position:

  • Assist the Exec. Director and Assist. Director in the management of the Fund.
  • May be responsible for areas such as Publicity, Updating Displays, Organizing events, Publications, Web-site renewal, etc.
  • Must attend 2 meetings each term for Fall & Winter.
  • Vote regarding departmental purchases.

WatSEF Funding Council

Approve purchases of equipment from Wish Lists provided by the Departmental reps, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the details of those purchases.

Members of the Funding Council must attend one meeting in the Winter term.


  1. WatSEF Executive Director (Chair) - no voting privileges
  2. Assoc.Dean of Science - Student Relations and Recruitment
  3. Two Science Alumni
  4. Six Faculty/School departmental reps
  5. Nine students (distributed throughout all disciplines)