Lab Alumni

Below are just a few of the amazing students who have completed their time in our lab. We are proud to have shared time with them and wish them the best........

Val Andrew Fajardo, PhD 2015

Picture of Val Fajardo

Thesis Title: The Role of Phospholamban and Sarcolipin Skeletal Muscle Disease

Currently Position: Postdoctoral Fellow in the faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University under Dr. Paul LeBlanc


Dr. Chris Vigna, PhD 2015

Chris Vigna

Thesis Title: NADPH Oxidase-dependent ROS Production and Impaired Ca2+ Regulation are Associated with Exercise-induced Cardiac Fatigue in the Rat

Co-supervised by Professors Russel Tupling and James Rush

Current position: lecturer and laboratory coordinator in the Applied Health Science Faculty at the University of Waterloo

Khanh Tran, MSc 2015

Khanh Tran


Title: Effects of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal on SERCA pump structure and function in skeletal and cardiac muscle

Rachelle Mariani, Msc 2015

Thesis Title: The role of phospholamban (PLN) in potential protection of sarc(endo)plasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA) against oxidative stress

Co-supervised by Professors Russel Tupling and James Rush

Dr. Ian Smith, PhD 2014



Thesis Title: The role of cytosolic calcium in potentiation of mouse lumbrical muscle

2014 Governor General’s Gold Medal Recipient - Graduating Doctoral Student in Highest Standing at the University of Waterloo

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Calgary; training with Dr. Walter Herzog