2016 Publications

Book Chapters

  1. Grace Y. Yi and Zhijian Chen and Changbao Wu (2016) Analysis of correlated data with error-prone response under generalized linear mixed models In Sayed Ejaz Ahmed (Eds.), Big and complex data analysis: Statistical methodologies and applications ( ). New York, NY: Springer. (Project: 09-SSH-SWO-1945 / RDC(s): SWO SWO)

Refereed Articles

  1. Alicia Adsera and Ana Ferrer (2016) The fertility of married immigrant women to Canada international Migration review, 50(2), 475-505. (Project: 13-CLSRN-SWO-3564 / RDC(s): SWO)
  2. Alicia Adsera and Ana Ferrer (2016) Occupational Skills and Labour Market Progression of Married Immigrant Women in Canada labour economics, 39( ), 88-98. (Project: 13-CLSRN-SWO-3564 / RDC(s): SWO)
  3. Andrew J. Clarke and Mikal Skuterud (2016) A comparative analysis of immigrant skills and their utilization in Australia, Canada, and the USA Journal of Population Economics, 29(3), 849 - 882. (Project: 13-SSH-SWO-3724 / RDC(s): SWO)
  4. Mark A. Ferro (2016) Major depressive disorder, suicidal behavior, bipolar disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder among emerging adults with and without chronic health conditions Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 25(5), 462 - 474. (Project: 13-SSH-MCM-3714 / RDC(s): SWO)
  5. Kourtney Koebel and Tammy Schirle (2016) The differential impact of universal child benefits on the labour supply of married and single mothers Canadian Public Policy, 42(1), 49 - 64. (Project: 12-SSH-SWO-3111 / RDC(s): SWO)
  6. Emmanuelle Piérard (2016) The effect of health care expenditures on self-rated health status and the Health Utility Index: Evidence from Canada International Journal of Health Economics and Management, 16(1), 1 - 21. (Project: 11-SSH-SWO-0119-R001 / RDC(s): SWO)
  7. Christopher J. Ryan and Martin J. Cooke and Scott T. Leatherdale (2016) Factors associated with heavy drinking among off-reserve First Nations and Métis youth and adults: Evidence from the 2012 Canadian Aboriginal Peoples Survey Preventive Medicine, 87( ), 95 - 102. (Project: 13-SSH-SWO-3569 / RDC(s): SWO)
  8. Christopher J. Ryan and Scott T. Leatherdale and Martin J. Cooke (2016) A cross-sectional examination of the correlates of current smoking among off-reserve First Nations and Métis adults: Evidence from the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey Addictive Behaviors, 54( ), 75 - 81. (Project: 13-SSH-SWO-3569 / RDC(s): SWO)

Working Papers

  1. Kevin Milligan and Tammy Schirle (2016) The health and capacity to work of older men and women in Canada..LCERPA Working Paper. (Project: 15-SSH-SWO-4249 / RDC(s): SWO)
  2. Alicia Adsera and Ana Ferrer (2016) “Speeding up for a son? Fertility transitions among Migrants to Canada”.CLEF. (Project: 13-CLSRN-SWO-3564 / RDC(s): SWO)
  3. Jeremy Clarke and Ana Ferrer (2016) The Effect of Housing Price Changes on Fertility: Evidence from Canada.RePec. (Project: 12-SSH-PRC-3341 / RDC(s): SWO)
  4. Joniada Milla (2016) Updating tertiary education expectations and choices with learning.CORE Discussion Papers Series. (Project: 09-SSH-SWO-2079 / RDC(s): UTO SWO)

Policy Reports

  1. A. Arcila, A.Ferrer and T.Schirle (2016) The gender wage gap and returns to skills: Evidence from Ontario Pay Equity Office, . (Project: 15-SSH-SWO-4518 / RDC(s): SWO)
  2. Amanda C Jones & David Hammond (2016) Sugar sweetened beverage consumption in Canada: preliminary report Canadian Cancer Society, Diabetes Canada, the Childhood Obesity Foundation,, Waterloo. (Project: 16-SSH-SWO-4860 / RDC(s): SWO)