Data access

Data sets

University of Waterloo researchers can access cross-sectional and longitudinal detailed microdata files from population and household surveys such as for example the:

  • Census of Canada
  • National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
  • General Social Survey
  • Labour Force Survey
  • Canadian Community Health Survey
  • National Population Health Survey

The full list of datasets available in the Research Data Centres (RDC) can be accessed via the CRDCN Data page or the RDC program’s Datasets page.

Before applying, researchers can access the public version of the datasets provided through the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) and downloadable through the University of Waterloo library ODESI platform.

How to apply

Research at the Research Data Centres requires acceptance of a proposal submitted to both the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Statistics Canada. University of Waterloo researchers who are interested in submitting a proposal can obtain more information about the steps on the RDC Program’s Application process and guidelines page.