2018 Publications, Conference Presentations and Media Mentions for SWORDC

Refereed Articles

Joel Blit and Mikal Skuterud and Jue Zhang (2018) An analysis of the patenting rates of Canada's ethnic populations Canadian Public Policy, 44(S1), S125 - S145. (Project: 15-SSH-SWO-4511 / RDC(s): SWO).

Christine D. Czoli and David Hammond (2018) Carcinogen exposure among Canadian tobacco users: Changes in NNK Exposure from 2007–2009 through 2012–2013 Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, 27(3), 262 - 267. (Project: 15-SSH-SWO-4233 / RDC(s): SWO).

Kevin Milligan and Tammy Schirle (2018) Health and capacity to work of older Canadians: Gender and regional dimensions Canadian Public Policy, 44(2), 159 - 172. (Project: 15-SSH-SWO-4249 / RDC(s): BCI, SWO).

Sharifa Nasreen and Ramanpreet Brar and Samanpreet Brar and Alana Maltby and Piotr Wilk (2018) Are Indigenous determinants of health associated with self-reported health professional-diagnosed anxiety disorders among Canadian First Nations adults? Findings from the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey Community Mental Health Journal, 54(4), 460 - 468. (Project: 15-INAC-UWO-4603 / RDC(s): SWO, UWO).

Christopher J. Ryan and Martin J. Cooke and Sharon I. Kirkpatrick and Scott T. Leatherdale and Piotr Wilk (2018) The correlates of physical activity among adult Métis Ethnicity and Health, 23(6), 629 - 648. (Project: 13-SSH-SWO-3660, 17-SSH-SWO-3569-R001 / RDC(s): SWO).

Piotr Wilk and Alana Maltby and Martin Cooke and Janice Forsyth (2018) Correlates of participation in sports and physical activities among Indigenous youth Aboriginal Policy Studies, 7(1), 1 - 23. (Project: 13-SSH-SWO-3569 / RDC(s): SWO).

Piotr Wilk and Alana Maltby and Joel Phillips (2018) Unmet healthcare needs among indigenous peoples in Canada: findings from the 2006 and 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Surveys Journal of Public Health, 26(4), 475 - 483. (Project: 15-INAC-UWO-4603 / RDC(s): SWO, UWO).

Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme (2018) Islamophobia in Canada: Measuring the realities of negative attitudes toward Muslims and religious discrimination Canadian Review of Sociology, 55(1), 86 - 110. (Project: 16-SSH-SWO-4944 / RDC(s): SWO).