2022 Publications

Books & Book Chapters:

  1. John Baker, Kourtney Koebel, Lindsay M. Tedds, Gender Disparities in the Labour Market? Examining the COVID-19 Pandemic in Alberta, Alberta Futures.

Peer Reviewed Articles:

  1. Chakraborty, L., Thistlethwaite, J., Scott, D., Henstra, D., Minano, A., & Rus, H., “Assessing social vulnerability and identifying spatial hotspots of flood risk to inform socially just flood management policy”,
  2. Chakraborty, L., Rus, H., Henstra, D., Thistlethwaite, J., Minano, A., & Scott, D., “Exploring spatial heterogeneity and environmental injustices in exposure to flood hazards using geographically weighted regression”,
  3. Alsabbagh MW, Cooke M, Elliott SJ, Chang F, Shah NU, Ghobrial M, “Stepping up to the Canadian opioid crisis:  a longitudinal analysis of the correlation between socioeconomic status and population rates of opioid-related health outcomes (2000 – 2017).”,
  4. Topcu, Basak and Dias, Goretty M., “Ten-Year Changes in Global Warming Potential of Dietary Patterns Based on Food Consumption in Ontario, Canada”
  5. Ana Ferrer, Tammy Shirle, Annie Pan, “The work trajectories of married Canadian immigrant women, 2006-2019”,
  6. John Baker, Kourtney Koebel, Lindsay Tedds, “Gender Disparities in the Labour Market? Examining the COVID-19 Pandemic in Alberta”,
  7. Steven Lehrer, Annie Yazhuo Pan, Ross Finnie, “The Evolution of Gender Patterns in Retirement Saving in Canada”,
  8. Ali AbdulHussein, Brian Cozzarin & Stanko Dimitrov, “Changes in consumer spending behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic across product categories”,

Policy Reports:

  1. Christine Neill and Melanie O'Gorman, Economic Returns to First Nations Post-Secondary Education in Ontario
  2. Saleem, Sumayya; Pan, Annie (Yazhuo); Burns, Samantha; Seward, Brad; Dhuey, Elizabeth, Flexible Enough? The Gender Gap and the Uptake of Flexible Work
  3. Wijesingha, Rochelle; Pizarro Milian, Roger; Seward, Brad, Mind the Gap: Gender-Based Income Disparities Among Recent Canadian Post-Secondary Education Graduates
  4. Ana Ferrer, Annie Pan, Tammy Schirle, Uneven Odds: Men, Women and the Obstacles to Getting Back to Work with Kids