About Statistical Consulting and Collaborative Research Unit

The Statistical Consulting and Collaborative Research Unit (SCCR) aims to provide high-quality statistical research capabilities on both the University academic and administrative sides with full transparency of project conduct. 

As statistic consultants, we provide statistical advice to overcome the obstacles and keep your research moving forward, or we can help you plan to avoid some road blocks later on in the research process.  

When working with faculty and staff, we hope to share ownership of projects with you, not just to serve as a resource that tackles one small aspect of the problem being solved. As collaborators, we work towards understanding the context of your research problem completely, and provide guidance on getting the most out of your resources.  

SCCR also provides services to external entities such as researchers from other universities, government institutions, private and public companies. In such circumstances, we may function similarly to a private consulting firm.

For more information on the list of assistance we provide, see our services.