This research project entitled, “The Potential of Daylighting (Deculverting) Urban Streams for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and for Place-Making: Amman’s Seil and Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon” was awarded the total of CAD $243,814 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) for the 2016-17 SSHRC Insight Grant competition (435-2016-0243).

Student researchers

The following students have been involved as researchers in this research project:

  • Niloofar Mohtat: PhD candidate and Research Assistant, Fall 2018 - ongoing
  • Ben Daub: MA student and Research Assistant, Spring 2021
  • Sophie Wang: Undergraduate Co-operative Student, Spring 2021
  • Rory Aidan Sibley: Undergraduate Co-operative Student, Winter 2021
  • Alison Elliot: Undergraduate Co-operative Student, Fall 2020
  • Andrew W.A. Reeves: PhD student, Fall 2020, Winter 2021
  • Lucas Ma: Undergraduate Research Assistant (volunteer), Spring 2020
  • Megan Leigh Peck: MES student and Research Assistant, Winter 2018 through Spring 2020
  • Yasmeen Abu Obeid: Undergraduate Co-operative Student, Spring 2018
  • Mandy Zhang: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Winter 2017
  • Andrew Chan: Undergraduate Co-operative Student, Fall 2016

The following students were involved in the fieldwork activities in Amman, Jordan during April 2018:

  • Natalie Cho
  • Anne Michaela Clubb
  • Ben Crooks
  • Megan Leigh Peck
  • Serene Shahzadeh
  • Seana Turkington
  • David Vanderwindt
  • Nicole Yang
  • Wen Xuan (Mandy) Zhang
  • Regan Jean Zink

Interactive map design

The Interactive Map portal was designed by Josh Reid with assistance from Jeremy Francispillai and Daniel Joseph under the supervision of Derek Rayside, Professor and Associate Director of Software Engineering, the University of Waterloo.

Tableau dashboard design

The Tableau Dashboard portal was designed with the support of Nathan Woodcock with input from Megan Peck and Niloofar Mohtat.