Interactive map

Welcome to the map of global daylighting projects. You may use this section of the website to learn more about daylighting case studies across the globe.

Please select a pin to access more information about each daylighting project! Once a project is selected you can see all of the information in a sidebar to the left of the map.


  • If you want to search for a project, click on ‘View larger map’ in the top right corner to navigate to the full screen map which will have a search icon in the top left.
  • To hide markers based on their type, click the icon in the top left to bring out the sidebar and click on the boxes beside each category to hide those markers. The markers types are:
    • Channelized streams (blue marker): include the projects where the daylighted stream runs through man-made channels
    • Naturalized streams (green marker): include the projects that attempted to recreate the natural morphology of the urban stream
    • Unidentified streams (red marker): include the projects for which we do not have information about whether they were channelized or naturalized
    • Streams with no exact coordinates (yellow marker): include the projects (channelized, naturalized, and unidentified) for which we do not have the exact geographic coordinates
  • To view a list of each project in these categories, click the expand dropdown menu button below each category in this sidebar.

If you have any information regarding whether a daylighted stream is channelized or naturalized; or if you know the geographic coordinates of a daylighted stream; or if you are willing to share photographs, videos, or any other types of data with our research team, please email us at We’d love to hear from you!

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