The Teaching Assessment Processes team wants to hear from you

The University of Waterloo's teaching assessment processes are undergoing a massive shift requiring enormous culture change, a number of moving parts, and a variety of stakeholders, each invested in a different aspect of this process. The Teaching Assessment Processes team invites--in fact, needs--your input.

Where is the best place to provide input?

For general feedback, contact TAP Director, Sonya Buffone directly at If your input is specific to the SCP User Guide for Academic Administrators, please complete this feedback survey. If your input is specific to the SCP User Guide for Instructors, please complete this feedback survey.

What kind of input are you looking for?

If you have something to say, we'd like to hear it. Feel free to share both accolades and constructive feedback about the SCP survey and related user guides and tools, or any of the other processes still in development.

What will the TAP team do with my input?

The TAP team takes all input into consideration. If your feedback does not prompt immediate action, it will be documented and tracked for future consideration, dependent on additional feedback from others or trends in data analysis.

I have expressed concerns about something but see that it has not been changed

We can not change TAP tools based on individual concerns. One of the benefits of this new system is that for the first time we will be able to track data trends in order to pinpoint problems with supporting evidence. Your concern will be documented; we will revisit it if we receive additional input and/or identify trends highlighting the same concern.

What is the best format for my input?

Share your input in a way that makes sense for you (e.g., feel free to write a long email if that's how you express yourself best), but we'd like to request that you keep it constructive, on-topic, and courteous. We also welcome concrete suggestions for addressing your concern.