Resources for Instructors

These resources are designed to guide instructors through teaching assessment processes, including Student Course Perception (SCP) surveys, Peer Review of Teaching (PRT), Teaching Dossiers, and strategies for assessing graduate supervision. They will be updated and informed by ongoing testing and monitoring, discussions with stakeholders, experiences shared by other Canadian universities, and continued review of the research literature.

SCP Survey Administration

Related research shows that students are most likely to complete course evaluation surveys when they can see that their instructor values their feedback. It also shows that the best way instructors can show that they place a high value on student feedback is by providing students with specific examples of changes they made to the current offering that were based on past student feedback.

Giving your students class time to complete their SCP survey also demonstrates that you value their feedback. We recommend 10 minutes during a synchronous meet, whether in person or online. The TAP office has prepared the following downloadable resources for instructors.

SCP Instructor Downloads

Last updated 2024-03-25

  • 3-slide PowerPoint file for instructors to display in the classroom.
  • Download to your device and display when giving your students time in class to complete their SCP survey.
  • An Announcement for import into course LEARN sites.
  • Download to your device and use the LEARN Import Components function to add the Announcement to your course site(s).
  • For support, see LEARN Help or contact your CTE Faculty Liaison.
  • Note: imported announcement is configured to appear for students on the SCP survey start date.

Reviewing Student Course Perceptions Survey Scores

Download the complete user guide for instructors (PDF)

  • List of core questions
  • How  were the questions designed?
  • Will the questions change?
  • About faculty-and department-specific questions
  • Overview of scores for all survey questions and their associated scores and statistics, including average (composite) scores
  • Detailed view of scores and statistics for each survey item
  • The mean score provides information about the "typical score" for students’ perceptions of the quality of instruction for a specific course but does not provide a complete picture.
  • Standard deviation indicates the variability of data—the degree to which SCP scores vary around the mean.
  • Students’ written comments can be a rich source of contextual data to help you understand the numerical scores.
  • Don’t assume that the average score represents the collective experience of the entire class.
  • Strategies you can use to encourage your students to complete their course evaluations.
  • CTE tip sheet providing guidance on teaching practices and strategies relevant to the SCP survey.