Resources for Academic Administrators

The following resources were designed to guide academic administrators through teaching assessment processes, including Student Course Perceptions, Peer Review, Teaching Dossiers, and strategies for assessing graduate supervision. They will be updated and informed by ongoing testing and monitoring, discussions with stakeholders, experiences shared by other Canadian universities, and continued review of the research literature.

  • List of core questions
  • How  were the questions designed?
  • Will the questions change?
  • About faculty-and department-specific questions
  • Overview of scores for all survey questions and their associated scores and statistics, including average (composite) scores
  • Detailed view of scores and statistics for each survey item
  • Variables that do not reflect teaching effectiveness, and their potential associations with SCP scores, based on consultations and research conducted at the University of Waterloo
  • Review scores with a critical eye 
  • About the mean score, standard deviation, the distribution of ratings, and response rate
  • Compare scores mindfully
  • Tips for comparing scores
  • What the response rate says and doesn't say about the collective experience of students in a class
  • Includes table: response rate necessary to estimate the collective experience of students based on class size