News Release: The Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre has ceased its regular programming. Grebel will remain an affiliate member of the Toronto School of Theology. Some other TMTC activities will likely continue under the leadership of other institutions. There will be final virtual event in Fall 2023. More information will be posted here when available. – Jeremy Bergen, TMTC Director

Fellows Program

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The Fellows Program at the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre (TMTC) is designed to invite scholars from a variety of disciplines—both those working across the breadth of the theological disciplines and those working outside the discipline of theology proper—to participate in the life of TMTC within the vibrant ecumenical context of the Toronto School of Theology (TST) at the University of Toronto. The Fellows Program provides a unique and intentionally interdisciplinary opportunity to participate in a dynamic and diverse community of scholars committed to charitable and rigorous intellectual exchange and to the life of the church.


In addition to the opportunity to join a vibrant scholarly community at TMTC, Fellows will also be part of the largest ecumenical centre for graduate theological education of its kind in Canada and, by extension, one of Canada’s premier research Universities. Fellows will have access to the libraries of all of TST’s member colleges as well as to the library system of the University of Toronto. Because TMTC is a centre of Conrad Grebel University College (Grebel), Fellows will also have access to the Milton Good Library, which is the major depository in eastern Canada of Mennonite publications and houses the largest collection in Canada of Anabaptist works, as well as the larger University of Waterloo library system. Fellows are permitted and encouraged to use their affiliation publicly. All Fellowships at TMTC are offered on a non-stipendiary basis and do not include dedicated office space in Toronto.


In order to cultivate a culture of collegial interaction and vibrant intellectual exchange, Fellows are expected to reside in or near the Toronto area during the period of their fellowship; to update TMTC staff with respect to their research activities, outputs, and plans; and to attend monthly Scholars Forums as regularly as possible. Additionally, Fellows are encouraged to present part of their ongoing research at some stage during the tenure of their fellowship and to actively participate in the broader intellectual community by engaging with colleagues and scholars at Grebel and the University of Waterloo as well as with TST’s member colleges and the University of Toronto. TMTC will facilitate logistical matters as needed including internet access, email and library privileges, and, where necessary, will provide assistance with visa applications. Additionally, TMTC will provide opportunity for Fellows to disseminate their research and will promote the output and impacts of Fellows via the web, social media channels, and other networks.

Eligibility and Categories of Fellows

TMTC welcomes applications from those working across the broad range of theological disciplines as well as those working outside the discipline of theology whose work aligns with TMTC’s identity, values, and goals. Applicants who are members of traditionally under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. There are no citizenship requirements for fellowships and applications from international applicants are welcome. TMTC offers four different types of fellowships as outlined below:

  1. Senior Fellowships: Available to active or retired professors who bring experience and a broader academic network to TMTC. Term: ongoing as appropriate.
  2. Visiting Fellowships: Available to independent scholars and pastors (normally with a graduate degree), to graduate students (normally enrolled at institutions outside Ontario), and to those with an academic appointment at any stage of their career. Term: normally less than one year.
  3. Research Fellowships: Available to doctoral degree holders with or without an academic appointment who are actively engaged in a research project consistent with TMTC’s identity, values, and goals. Term: one year renewable.
  4. Faculty Fellowships: Available to faculty members at Grebel as well as those on faculty at other institutions who contribute to TMTC’s teaching and advising mandate in Toronto. Term: ongoing as appropriate.


Prospective Fellows are encouraged to contact the TMTC Director in the first instance for informal discussion about how their research might fit within the context of TMTC’s identity, values, and goals. Applications for Research Fellowships are invited on an annual basis with a deadline of 30 April. Applications for Senior, Visiting, and Faculty Fellowships will be considered on a rolling basis. Applications should be addressed to the TMTC Director and should include the following:

  1. A current CV.
  2. A letter of application that briefly outlines the applicant’s academic interests, ongoing research, their reasons for wishing to be a part of TMTC, and what mutual benefit might be realized during the fellowship.
  3. Three academic letters of reference for those applying for Research and Visiting Fellowships, unless otherwise agreed.

Applications for reappointment should be made following the same process though may omit the reference letters.

Evaluation of Applications and Appointments

Since one goal of the TMTC Fellows Program is the creation of a diverse and collaborative community of scholars, applications will be reviewed with this in mind by the TMTC Director in consultation with the Director of Theological Studies and brought to the Theological Studies Department for approval. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. How the applicant’s research interests and ongoing work aligns with TMTC’s identity, values, and goals as well as with the current Fellows and graduate students that comprise the TMTC community.
  2. The applicant’s ability to contribute to a diverse and collegial community of interdisciplinary scholars.

There will not normally be more than 2–3 fellows in each category and reappointments shall not normally exceed 2–3 terms. Appointments will be made by the Grebel Dean upon the recommendation of the TMTC Director and approval of the Theological Studies Administrative Group and College Council.

Rationale | Benefits | Responsibilities | Eligibility | Applications | Evaluation and Appointments