News Release: The Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre has ceased its regular programming. Grebel will remain an affiliate member of the Toronto School of Theology. Some other TMTC activities will likely continue under the leadership of other institutions. There will be final virtual event in Fall 2023. More information will be posted here when available. – Jeremy Bergen, TMTC Director

Current and Past Fellows

Current Fellows

Jeremy Bergen, Faculty Fellow, 2021–Present

Lydia Neufeld Harder, Senior Fellow, 2015–Present

jason reimer greig, Research Fellow, 2018–Present

Nathan Hershberger, Reserach Fellow, 2022-Present

Laena Maunula, Research Fellow, 2022-Present

Past Fellows

Stella Kayenga Mbangu, Research Fellow, 2021–2022

Hadje Cresencio Sadje, Visiting Fellow, 2021–2022

Anthony Siegrist, Research Fellow, 2021–2022

Sarah Kathleen Johnson, Visiting Fellow, 2018–2021

Kim Penner, Research Fellow, 2017–2021

John D. Rempel, Senior Fellow, 2015–2020

Anne-Cathy Graber, Research Fellow, 2016–2017

Kyle Gingerich Hiebert, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014–2017

Micahel Stahl, Visiting Fellow, 2015

Jonathan Seiling, Research Fellow (in Hamburg, Germany), 2014–2015