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jason reimer greigJason Reimer Greig holds a PhD in theology and ethics from the VU Free University of Amsterdam. His main research interests center around how the perspective and experience of (intellectual) disability might inform the Christian theological imagination. Other themes in his work concern ecclesiology, sacramental practices, the thought of Jean Vanier and the communities of L'Arche, philosophies and theologies of time and their relation to a Christian political economy, and bioethics. Jason's dissertation understands the work of Jean Vanier and the communities of L'Arche as potential inspirations for a renewed peace church theology, offering a communal process for personal and societal transformative peacemaking. Before beginning his graduate studies, Jason lived for 11 years in two Canadian L'Arche communities. He is a graduate of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary where he wrote a masters thesis that was subsequently expanded and published with Georgetown University Press as Reconsidering Intellectual Disability: L'Arche, Medical Ethics, and Christian Friendship. Jason lives in Kitchener with his wife Elisabeth and two sons, Lukas and Jonas.

Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre
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