News Release: The Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre has ceased its regular programming. Grebel will remain an affiliate member of the Toronto School of Theology. Some other TMTC activities will likely continue under the leadership of other institutions. There will be final virtual event in Fall 2023. More information will be posted here when available. – Jeremy Bergen, TMTC Director

Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre

The Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre (TMTC) helps form theological leadership for the church by providing and supporting graduate theological education, particularly at the doctoral level, from a Mennonite perspective in an ecumenical context. 

TMTC encourages scholars to grow toward wise theological discernment, spiritual depth and maturity, excellent scholarship, mutual respect and dialogue, ecumenical and global awareness.

Founded in 1990, TMTC is now administered by Conrad Grebel University College on behalf of a binational Mennonite constituency represented by an Advisory Council. It operates within the ecumenical and academic environment of the Toronto School of Theology at the University of Toronto.


In Toronto

  • Graduate teaching and advising
  • Structured ecumenical dialogue forums
  • Special lectures and forums 
  • Scholars forums
  • Women’s group
  • Academic conferences

Across North America

  • Graduate student conferences
  • Mennonite Scholars and Friends Forum and Reception at AAR/SBL meetings
  • Muslim-Christian dialogue
  • Sabbatical residence for visiting
  • Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network
  1. Sep. 20, 2023TMTC Updates

  2. Apr. 13, 2023TMTC Research Project Opportunity

    Conrad Grebel University College invites expressions of interest to undertake a research project on the history and legacy of the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre (TMTC), which is closing in 2023.

  3. Mar. 8, 2023Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre activity ends
    Books in the Grebel Library

    Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre (TMTC) will end its operations this spring, following a decision of the Conrad Grebel University College Board of Governors at its February meeting.   

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Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre