About Waterloo Transportation Research for Improving Performance and Safety

In ​Waterloo Transportation Research for Improving Performance and Safety (WATTRIPS) we challenge real-world transportation problems in urban areas.

WATTRIPS aims to improve the performance and safety of transportation systems. Our research focuses on improving traffic operations and quality of service on freeways, urban arterials, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities through applications of innovative Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions and new technologies.

Traffic detection technologies

  • Travel time estimation and prediction on freeways and arterials using Bluetooth detector data
  • Development of adaptive signal control systems using Bluetooth detector data
  • Applications of transit Automated vehicle location/Automatic passenger counting (AVL/APC) data for performance evaluation of signalized intersections

Connected vehicle technologies

  • Development of adaptive signal control algorithms using connected vehicle technologies

New sensor technologies

  • Development of new sensor arrays to collect vehicle-cyclist interaction data on urban arterials
  • Application of instrumented bicycle to collect data for analyzing the lateral distance between bicycles and overtaking vehicles on urban arterials

Traffic modeling and simulation

  • Application of traffic simulation models for alternative analysis using travel time reliability as the measure of effectiveness