person holding a stack of books in front of their face

Congratulations to our scholars who recently defended their dissertations!

Sarah McTavish, September 15, 2020. "The Queer Eternal September: LGBTQ Identity on the Early Internet and Web." University of Waterloo.

Yelena Abdullayeva, August 18, 2020. “Crafting the Modern Woman in Azerbaijan: Muslim Women, the State, and Modernity, 1900–1939.” University of Waterloo.

Joe Buscemi, July 2, 2020. "If All Else Fails…SURVIVAL: Protect and Survive and the End of the World in Thatcherite Britain." University of Waterloo

Preston Arens, June 2, 2020. "To Tidy Minds it May Appear Illogical": How the Commonwealth Evolved from an ‘Imperial Club’ to an International Organisation." University of Waterloo.