person holding a stack of books in front of their face

Congratulations to our scholars who recently defended their dissertations!

Jesse Abbott, January 19, 2023. University of Waterloo.

Paul Esau, December 20, 2022. “A Departmental Dilemma: The Genesis of Canadian Military Export Policy, 1945-1960." Wilfrid Laurier University.

Evan Cater, October 21, 2022. "Stand Fast for Peace & Freedom: A Study of Foreign Policy of the British Labour Party in Opposition 1931 to 1940." University of Waterloo.

Daniel Attrell, June 13, 2022. "Intelligentia Spiritualis: Platonism, the Latin Polemical Tradition, and the Renaissance Approach to the Prophetic Sense of History." University of Waterloo.

Sarah Shropshire, December 14, 2021. "Sun Science: Environmental Health, Medical Specialization and Body Politics in 20th-Century Canada." University of Guelph.

Andrew Moore, November 2021. "Manorial Regulation and Negotiation in a Late Medieval Environment: Land and Community at Herstmonceux, 1308-1440." University of Waterloo.

Cameron Winter, November 2, 2021. "Three Years and Two Continents Apart: A Comparative Study of the Great Sioux War and Anglo-Zulu War." University of Waterloo.

Chelsea (Hartlen) Larsson, October 15, 2021. "Violence, Legal Culture and Social Control: The Records of Scotland’s Justiciary Court, 1493–1558." University of Guelph.

Russ Freure, April 15, 2021. "A Modern American Conservative: How Ronald Reagan Legitimized the Religious Right and Helped Reshape the American Zeitgeist." University of Waterloo.

Timothy Clarke, January 5, 2021. "Threads of Memory: A Culture of Commemoration in Kenya Colony, 1918-1930." University of Waterloo.