Tri-University Graduate Student Association (TUGSA)

The Tri-University Graduate Student Association aims to bring all the students of the Tri-U History Program together for social activities and learning opportunities. In fostering professional and social relationships, we strive to create a dynamic community of collaboration, support, and fun.

Our history

The Tri-University Graduate Student Association (TUGSA) was established in 2007 to help bring together the graduate students from the three universities of the Tri-University Graduate Program in History. Our organization has three primary goals: foster the student community, maintain communication among the three departments and their students, and strengthen the connections among the three universities. We hold a variety of different social and academic events throughout the year that rotate between Waterloo and Guelph, providing every student with an equal opportunity to participate in the growth and success of the Tri-University student community.

In March 2008, TUGSA drafted a constitution to identify our objectives, executive structure, electoral processes, finances, and other such matters. We have one Co-President from each university who collectively form the TUGSA Executive. We also communicate with the Tri-University Director, working continuously to improve the student experience and relay any student issues about the Tri-University Program.

The TUGSA Executive has planned a number of student events over the years:

  • “Finding and Applying to Funding Opportunities” sessions
  • “Topics on Tap” Pub Nights
  • Holiday Social
  • Ice Skating
  • Curling
  • Grand River Canoe Trip

Ideas for other events are always welcome!

Here is a complete list of current and past members of the TUGSA Executive. To contact us, please write to or reach out to your campus president.

Join our Facebook group for event information and updates.