PhD recent successful defences

coloured bound books, image by Kimberly Farmer, Unsplash


Congratulations to our scholars who recently defended their dissertations!

Lucy-Vorobej, on green background
Lucy Vorobej, September 8, 2023. "'By Their Own Efforts': First Nations Health Policy in Canada, 1940s-1970s." University of Waterloo.
Jesse Abbott, January 19, 2023. “The Art of Getting Drunk: Martial Masculinity, Alcohol, and the British Army in the Canadas the War of 1812." University of Waterloo.
Paul Esau, December 20, 2022. “A Departmental Dilemma: The Genesis of Canadian Military Export Policy, 1945-1960." Wilfrid Laurier University.
Evan-Cater by wall in front of field
Evan Cater, October 21, 2022. "Stand Fast for Peace & Freedom: A Study of Foreign Policy of the British Labour Party in Opposition 1931 to 1940." University of Waterloo.

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