Emily B. Kaliel

PhD candidate

Home University: University of Guelph

Email: ekaliel@uoguelph.ca

Twitter: @emilykalizzle

Research Fields: Canadian, History of Health and Medicine

Supervisor: Catherine Carstairs

Emily Kaliel received her BA (Hon.) from the University of Alberta and her MA from the University of Saskatchewan, both in History. She is currently a PhD Candidate in the History Department at Guelph. Her PhD research examines federal and provincial public health programs centred on nutrition and the uptake, modification, or refusal of such programs in northern prairie communities. Comparing government nutrition recommendations with changing local food ways, her research elucidates how communities created their own approaches to food by reworking nutritional information and cultural or familial food traditions into new, regional food ways. One large component of her research centres on public health nursing in rural, isolated locations in the Prairie north, and how nurses' physical and relational positioning in communities influenced both nurses' own understandings of nutritional health practices and community members' uptake or adaptations to discourses of nutrition. Emily is an Arrell Scholar with the University of Guelph’s Arrell Food Institute.