Sebastian Walsh-Murray

PhD candidate

Pronouns: he/him

Home University: University of Waterloo


Education: BA (Hons) History and Political Science, Toronto; MA History, Waterloo

Research Fields: Cold War Era; Modern Europe; Race, Imperialism and Slavery

Supervisor: Gary Bruce

Sebastian is a PhD candidate focusing on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. He is looking specifically at how Nazi language towards Jewish people and other target groups provided the framework for Nazi genocide in the pre-war years (1933-1939) of the Nazi regime. He received his (Hons) BA from the University of Toronto in 2020 with a double major in History and Political Science, and then received his MA in History from the University of Waterloo in 2021. Sebastian’s MA research looked at how Nazi language was understood in historians works and how Nazi Language could be used as an important lens of analysis in the Holocaust as found in diaries and memoirs from the period. His interests include Nazi Germany, World War II, Modern Europe, and the Cold War.