Organizer and chair

Cecile Devaud, Director, Turbulent Combustion Modeling LabCecile Devaud

Director, Turbulent Combustion Laboratory

Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics
Engineering, University of Waterloo
Associate Chair
Waterloo Engineering’s Fire Research Group
Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

Cecile Devaud is a professor in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. She is also a member of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering’s Fire Research Group and the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy. Her research group focuses on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for turbulent reacting flows. They are interested in developing and implementing new mathematical models for problems related to turbulent mixing, flame stabilization and emissions. Applications are diverse; ranging from aero and automotive engines to fire scenario analysis. More recently, some research activities have been devoted to numerical simulations of two-phase flows and compartment fires related to the nuclear industry. She has special interest in using simulation to understand the relationship between turbulence and fire, specifically how turbulence can reduce or intensify fire, how fire can increase turbulence, and how these processes contribute to the growth or extinction of fires.