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Turbulent Modeling Lab LogoCompanies look to the Turbulent Combustion Modeling Lab at the University of Waterloo to partner on research, the development of new technologies, and to source talent. 

We work closely with our industry and university partners in Canada and globally providing the most suitable solutions and advancing fundamental research in the field of turbulent combustion modeling.

  • Read our case studies for some examples of how we can help.
  • Accelerate innovation using cutting edge labs
  • Leverage your research budget with advanced researchers 
  • We have access to interdisciplinary labs and researchers to be able to research and manage your project end-to-end. 
  • We solve problems - come to us with your issue and let's see how we can work together
  • Help students and researchers gain experience
  • Gain early insights about groundbreaking technology and advance operating costs 
  • Potentially obtain some grants to help with the research
  • Shape research objectives with answers from experts to pressing industry questions
  • Recruit advanced talent from graduate students
  • Benefit from Waterloo’s flexible inventor-owned IP Policy
  • Supplement your research budget with government funding
  • Establish a reputation of working with Waterloo

Thank you to our Partners and Supporters

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