Graduations and awards

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Meeting with Nobel Prize Winner, Donna Strickland.
There have been far too few news updates over the past couple of years unfortunately, which doesn't mean we haven't been busy.  This year in September Sahr graduated with her masters, and last year Cathy and Ali graduated with their masters and Benji graduated with his PhD so congratulations to all of them as they move on to exciting new horizons working in developing laser design in industry in China, starting a doctorate in climate science in MIT and working in an exciting startup in Kitchener, which i'm sure we will hear much more about.  Most of all though it is time to congratulate Donna Strickland who has been the most supportive lab space sharer and collaborator, that anyone could ask for, over the past past seventeen years, and who has just given everyone in Waterloo/Science/Physics/Physics room 119...the most amazing boost, by winning the NOBEL PRIZE for physics for 2018.  October the 2rd which, from now on, will probably be known as Donna day, was an incredible celebration for everyone in the lab and the university alike, and I couldn't resist the chance to take Donna's students to her house to offer our congratulations.  Surprisingly there were no film crews in the drive way at that stage, just a plumbers van and we were able to spend some time with the new Nobel Laureate while she answered the telephone to take congratulatory calls.  As we left, the plumber announced that he would be disconnecting the water