New Laser - Spitfire Ace Ultrafast Amplifier

Monday, March 2, 2015

General Information 

Spirfire Ace Ultrafast Amplifier

  • One of the most technically advanced Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifiers available on the market
  • Broad range of absorption bands and is easily adjustable over a broad band of emission wavelengths
  • Operates on a low noise level
  • Stable Optical Parametric Amplifier performance and harmonic conversion
  • The regenerative cavity process a beam power of more than 5W at 1,5 and 10kHz with excellent quality (frequencies are adjustable and not limited to the numbers above)
  • Guaranteed to operate over hundreds of hours without effecting the performance


  • Non-linear Optics
  • Coherent control
  • Time Resolved Spectroscopy
  • Four Wave Mixing Spectroscopy
  • Multi-colour Pump-probe Spectroscopy
  • Material Processing
  • Optical Parametric Amplification