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Augmented reality (AR) represents computer‐based technology and devices that facilitate augmentation of current views with digital artifacts, such as information, three‐dimensional objects, audio, and video.

Mixed reality (MR) represents an enhanced version of AR, where the digital artifacts are displayed using holographic technology and advanced spatial mapping, which enables the digital elements to not only overlay the physical world, but interact with physical objects and respond to changes in physical space.

Completed projects

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The sense of touch is often overlooked in terms of how it can impact major decisions, like whether or not to buy that new gadget. Research has shown that as surface roughness increases, people tend to react more negatively, and that as people feel more negative, they tend to be more close-minded and less accepting of novel products.

But exactly how much 'roughness' is too rough? How do roughness and, say, hardness interact? And how much does product type impact that judgement?

The veMap project consists of a series of custom made virtual environments. Participants explore the environments providing feedback through comments as well as through galvanic skin response (GSR) readings.

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A challenge in teaching engineering design lies in the guiding of collaboration of students in a design team environment. We have identified a need for a virtual design space application that evaluates the user experience so as to encourage teamwork and project managment skills. The Student Team Electronic Resource (STeamER) project arose out of lessons learned over the past nine years of teaching project based design courses to engineering students

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With current virtual environments (VE) technology users often complain of disorientation within complex environments. There is a need to extend the current scientific knowledge base in terms of effective techniques for improving navigation, orientation, and training within VEs.