Conducted research

Our current research activities on dynamics, vibrations, acoustics, energy harvesting and GNSS reflectometry:

Dynamic behavior of space inflatable rigidized booms in exposure to large temperature gradients

The prohibitive cost of space missions and the limitations for launch volume and mass have driven a demand for innovations to reduce payload size and rocket fuel consumption.

Energy harvesting technologies using smart materials solutions

The increasing usage of sensing and electrical devices for IoT applications demands higher energy efficiencies for the sensing networks. Self-supplied sensors that harvest ambient energy become a possibility for reducing operational costs for regular battery replacements. At The University of Waterloo Energy Harvesting Lab, we develop MEMS-based smart materials solutions for harvesting from wasted vibrations energy to power various kinds of sensors such as those used for electric current measurements for the smart grids.

Vibration suppression and control of semi-autonomous flying aerial cameras

The current design of the flying aerial cameras has been found to be sensitive to vibrations from motors which affect the payload and the control systems.

Wrinkle control of Kapton membranes for space applications

Kapton polyamide membranes have been used very commonly in recent ultra-light space structures known as gossamer or inflatable structures. 

Dynamic analysis of cable-harnessed structures for space applications

Motivated by the space structures applications, this project focuses on obtaining mathematical models that incorporate the dynamic effects and complexities that electronic cables and power cords impose on space structures and their dynamics and vibrations control.

GNSS reflectometry for remote sensing using quadcopters

This project is supported by several industrial collaborators and funders such as the Canadian Space Agency, Honeywell and a few others. The project focuses on the development of the payloads for quadcopters to perform GNSS reflectometery for soil moisture and ice thickness measurements and remote sensing.

Sensing and actuation using smart materials for physiological applications

This project pertains to the development of sensor and actuator solutions using smart materials such as Dielectric Electroactive Polymers for calf muscle cyclic actuation to help with blood circulation in the lower extremities for problems such as reduced blood flow due to the stasis of venous blood, deep vein thrombosis and oedema.

Noise abatement of the transportation carts at automotive manufacturing facilities

Funded by Honda and in collaborations with B&K, this project focuses on the vibro-acoustics behaviour and noise minimization for the transportation cart trains at the manufacturing sites and the ergonomics improvement for the facility. The research covers all the aspects for the vibration analysis, acoustics modelling, instrumentation and testing, model validation, and the sound quality assessments.