Water Under the Bridge

water under the bridge book cover

An unofficial history of the University of Waterloo

By Chris Redmond and Simon the Troll

The book takes the University of Waterloo's history from "roots and tributaries" — St. Jerome's College (1864), Waterloo College (1911) and the College of Optometry (1925) — through University of Waterloo's founding in 1957 and the developments of the decades that followed. Simon winds up his story-telling with 1993, the year James Downey became president. "The essentials are clear," says Simon in an early chapter. "Bulls gave way to bulldozers, and the next thing you know, the biggest product of the place is bull of a whole new kind." He's not a troll to mince words.

Water Under the Bridge was published in book form by the University of Waterloo in 1998, ISBN 0-9682827-1-7.