WatSPEED partners with M2T Collective to explore innovative training models for today's modern workforce

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Waterloo, ON - WatSPEED at the University of Waterloo has partnered with M2T Collective to provide professional education opportunities for future leaders.

M2T Collective offers a rotational program designed to bridge the gap between talent and the rate of change in the marketing, media, and technology space. Professionals in the rotational program will further enhance their skills by undertaking a three-course WatSPEED program, enabling them to analyze data, extract insights, and apply them to decision-making.

LinkedIn post from Megan Purcell about the partnership and WatSPEED courses.The marketing, media, and technology fields have undergone significant transformation in recent years. Consumers are using new tools and technologies to make more informed purchasing decisions, and organizations are collecting massive amounts of data about their customers' behaviours and preferences. Understanding how to analyze and interpret these comprehensive data sets enables organizations and individuals to reimagine how data can be used to support business function, decision-making, and continuous improvement.

“We are thrilled to partner with M2T to provide high-quality, technology-focused education for professionals that is academically rigorous and valuable for their careers,” said Sanjeev Gill, University of Waterloo's associate vice-president, innovation, and executive director, WatSPEED. “This type of collaboration between academia and industry is critical for bridging skills gaps in the Canadian labour market and increasing our country’s economic prosperity, capacity for innovation, and competitiveness on a global scale.” 

The partnership between WatSPEED and M2T Collective will focus on innovative lifelong learning programming, rooted in experiential education. Programs will help a new generation of professionals future-proof their careers and evolve their skills to outpace major technological disruption. 

"At M2T Collective, we're committed to building a unique community of talented marketers. We started with the belief that media, marketing, and technology needs better talent - the partnership between M2T and WatSPEED further reinforces that commitment," said Jed Schneiderman, co-founder of the Collective. "Together with WatSPEED, we look forward to educating future leaders who are prepared to navigate an increasingly complex future workforce."

For more information about WatSPEED and M2T Collective, please visit uwaterloo.ca/watspeed and www.m2tcollective.com

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