As of 2003, the content of this site was primarily the work of three people: Sara HumphreysKarin Ikavalko, and Julie-Ann Stodolny did most of the organizational, editorial, and compositional work, with Randy Allen Harris providing guidance. However, we hope this site will include many more contributors, creating a co-ductive space of engagement, especially as several Booth publications came after this period. If you'd like to contribute, please contact Randy Allen Harris.

Many others also helped with content. The rough breakdown of those contributions follows.

Content provision (by text):

The Rhetoric of Fiction
Now don't try to Reason with me
Critical Understanding
The Craft of Research
The Vocation of a Teacher
For the Love of it
The Harper & Row Reader, and The Harper & Row Rhetoric
Other essays by Wayne Booth

Sara Humphreys
Karin Ikavalko
Julie-Ann Stodolny
(Olga Gladkova also contributed a relevant essay, included in The Rhetoric of Fiction pages)

Modern Dogma and the Rhetoric of Assent

Marc Alcock
Olga Gladkova
Maheen Hasan
Karin Ikavalko
Julie-Ann Stodolny

A Rhetoric of Irony

Heather Calder
Cort Egan
Sara Humphreys
(with the critical assistance of Neil LaChapelle)

The Company We Keep

Greg Cummer
David Hoff
Valentyna Galadza
Liz Kuntz
Brandi Zebrak