As of 2003, the content of this site was primarily the work of four people: Sara HumphreysKarin Ikavalko, and Julie-Ann Stodolny, did most of the organizational, editorial, and compositional work. However, we hope this site will include many more contributors, creating a co-ductive space of engagement.

Many others also helped with content. The rough breakdown of those contributions follows.

Content provision (by text):

  1. The Rhetoric of Fiction
  2. Now don't try to Reason with me
  3. Critical Understanding
  4. The Craft of Research
  5. The Vocation of a Teacher
  6. For the Love of it
  7. The Harper & Row Reader, and The Harper & Row Rhetoric
  8. Other essays by Wayne Booth
  • Sara Humphreys
  • Karin Ikavalko
  • Julie-Ann Stodolny
  • (Olga Gladkova also contributed a relevant essay, included in The Rhetoric of Fiction pages)

Modern Dogma and the Rhetoric of Assent

  • Marc Alcock
  • Olga Gladkova
  • Maheen Hasan
  • Karin Ikavalko
  • Julie-Ann Stodolny

A Rhetoric of Irony

  • Heather Calder
  • Cort Egan
  • Sara Humphreys
  • (with the critical assistance of Neil LaChapelle)

The Company We Keep

  • Greg Cummer
  • David Hoff
  • Valentyna Galadza
  • Liz Kuntz
  • Brandi Zebrak