Round Table with WiE Leaders featuring Maegan Spencer and Professor Beth Weckman

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

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Join us in person at the Round Table with WiE leaders with Maegan Spencer. She will be sharing her experience as an Engineering Manager at Apple. You are invited to join this conversation and listen to her story titled “From Astrobiology to Apple: how a STEM degree can take you anywhere”. Additionally, we're also joined by Professor Beth Weckman, of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo., and her story is titled "ON FIRE! Using STEM to Tackle Global Challenges".

This event will be in-person on campus, please sign up to reserve your spot. This event will hold on Tuesday, November 8th, 12:00 PM-1:00 pm (EST) in the Engineering 7 Building, Room: 2357. All are welcome to attend this event! Free snacks and refreshments will be provided!

About the Round Table Discussions Series:

Round Table with WiE Leaders is a series of roundtable discussions which provide networking and mentorship forum for graduate and undergraduate students. At the Round Table, we hope to connect you to WiE leaders in academia, industry and government. We hope you will join us to listen to their stories and be inspired to overcome and succeed.

Maegan's Profile:

Maegan Spencer is an Engineering Manager at Apple for the Health Hardware Product Design team.  In this role, she leads a team of mechanical engineers in developing hardware toward health-related products. She has a non-traditional career, earning her BS and PhD in Chemistry, before shifting to Mechanical Engineering.  Her PhD research was in developing laser mass spectrometry to study trace organics in extraterrestrial materials.  In 2008, she joined the start-up Avinger as their 10th employee to help invent OCT image-guided surgical tools to treat arterial disease.  After 5 years, she shifted toward consumer product design, working as an ME consultant at Whipsaw in San Jose, CA and mainly contributing toward Nike FuelBand engineering.  She has been at Apple for over 8 years, spending 6 years on the Watch PD team and now 2 years leading Health PD.

Maegan earned a B.S. in Chemistry from UNC-Asheville and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford.  She holds multiple patents across various technologies and fields.  Recently she moved up to the Santa Cruz mountains and currently lives in La Honda, CA.

Professor Weckman's Profile:

Beth Weckman is a Professor of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. She leads the Fire Research Group and Fire Safety Graduate programs. At the UW Live Fire Research Facility, she undertakes small, medium and full scale fire experiments to improve fire performance of materials and systems. Beth began her non-traditional career in mechanical engineering using laser diagnostic systems to study controlled flames. A chance meeting led her to new and exciting research applications through joint training and field fire testing hand in hand with fire fighters. She has since directed burn experiments at many scales to simulate fire conditions in everything from houses to ships to wildfire situations. In her work, Beth always seeks to couple the latest fire research with education to enrich learning and promote broad, multidisciplinary technology transfer amongst fire safety stakeholders at all levels.

Beth earned her degrees at University of Waterloo. She serves on the Executive of North American and International Fire Standards Committees, the Research Board of the National Fire Protection Agency and the Higher Education Committee for Society of Fire Protection Engineers

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