Systems Design Engineering Student

Vanessa Guido is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. She is pursuing a degree in Systems Design Engineering (Co-op, honours program), with a focus on biomedical and human factors systems applications.

Vanessa GuidoVanessa at the third-year engineering design symposium. 

Vanessa has completed variety of co-op placements in different industries including: pharmaceuticals, construction, automotive, and high tech startups. Her most recent placement was at Thalmic Labs (the startup behind the Myo armband), where she oversaw the manufacturing and shipping operations.

In addition to her academic and work-related pursuits, Vanessa plays on the University of Waterloo's varsity field hockey team. During her off-seasons, she also enjoys participating in intramural sports on campus and coaching field hockey.

Vanessa Guido is the keynote speaker at Go ENG Girl 2014

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