How could WIL help me build a talent pipeline?

Hiring a WIL student can help your organization take a proactive approach with your talent pipeline. It's a low risk way to recruit talented individuals to your organization. Many employers think of the WIL experience as a long job interview - it provides you with the opportunity to assess the student's skills and fit within the organization, and determine if they are the right fit for a long-term position.

Examples of ways that WIL students can be part of your organization's talent pipeline: 

    Attract talented individuals to your organization

    • Draw from a wide talent pool of students
    • Develop brand recognition among students to attract the next generation of talent 
    • Hire for potential - not just to fill an immediate need

    Prepare for organizational change

    • Plan for retirements, turnover, and uncertainty by increasing your talent pipeline (looking 3, 5, 10 years ahead) 
    • Prepare for growth (planning to enter new markets, new products) 
    • Use students to bring new ideas and innovation into the organization 

    Make the most of your resources 

    • Save money - WIL students are a low or no cost option to address immediate labour needs 
    • Reduce recruiting and training costs by hiring your WIL student again in future terms and after graduation
    • Hiring WIL students is a way to give back to your community through training and developing future professionals