What questions should I be asking?

Use this list of questions to determine if a potential institution partner is the right fit.We encourage you to select the key questions based on your needs, and come up with a few additional questions specific to your WIL opportunity. 

Program Profile 

  • What type(s) of WIL does your institution offer? Do you specialize in a certain type?
  • Which academic programs are involved in the WIL program?
  • How many students are involved in the WIL program?
  • How long has the program been running?
  • Have there been any recent changes to the program?
  • How are students prepared for the WIL experience? Is there any résumé or interview preparation? Do student receive workplace skills training?


  • How are students informed of WIL opportunities?
  • Are WIL opportunities advertised in a job board?
  • Are there mechanisms in place to ensure employers have equal access to students?
  • Where and how can I provide students with information about my organization to help guide application decisions?
  • Are recruiting timelines fixed (i.e. by academic term), or can I hire a student at any time?
  • Do you assist with interview scheduling and provide interview facilities?
  • How are students matched with a WIL experience? If there is a matching process, is it flexible?


  • What are my responsibilities as a WIL employer?
  • Do you provide resources for onboarding students?
  • What legal and ethical guidelines should I be aware of when working with a WIL student?
  • Am I required to provide an evaluation of the student?
  • What supports are available to help me if a student requires an accommodation?

Level of support 

  • What supports are available to WIL employers?
  • How do employers learn about navigating the hiring process?
  • Do you inform employers about funding opportunities?
  • Is there a support person who specializes in my industry or type of organization?
  • Will you complete a “check-in” with the student and/or my organization during the WIL experience?
  • Do you provide resources for evaluating the WIL student?
  • What happens if difficulties arise during the experience?