The world of work is evolving drastically and so is the talent that we hire. Between the transition to hybrid and remote work and the increase in automation and AI, career paths will fundamentally change. According to a report from the World Economic Forum, 65 per cent of children entering primary school today will eventually work in jobs that don’t yet exist.

In this inaugural virtual conference, Co-operative and Experiential Education at the University of Waterloo along with industry and student experts will discuss the changing world of work. Sessions will share insights about how organizations can prepare for hiring new roles for the future and build a pipeline of next-generation talent.

  • Attendees of this free virtual conference will:
  • Access insights on recruiting emerging talent into your workforce
  • Take part in discussions about topics ranging from equity, diversity and inclusion to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Learn about Waterloo’s co-op program and how to maximize the tools to connect employers with emerging talent
  • Connect with industry leaders already preparing for the talent evolution.

Hear from WxL researchers

Onboarding next gen-talent: Research-informed best practices

Anne-Marie Fannon and David Drewery, Work-Learn Institute (WxL)

Speakers: Anne-Marie Fannon and Dave Drewery

Effective onboarding supports organizational newcomers’ performance, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. However, with an increasingly remote workforce and complicated world of work, onboarding is a major challenge for many employers.

In this session, you will learn about recent research findings that identify key actions you can take to enhance your student onboarding programs.