CEE Employer Impact Conference - Talent for a better future

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From the transition to hybrid and remote work to the rapid growth of AI, Gen Z has experienced a fast-paced and transforming world of work.

Organizations must keep up with changing values and workplace trends to attract and retain emerging talent. Research shows one of Gen Z’s top values is making a positive impact in the workplace.

At our second annual Employer Impact Conference, the University of Waterloo’s Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) team will discuss trends emerging in 2024 and beyond. Attendees will gain insights from CEE, industry experts and co-op students about harnessing the skills and passion of emerging talent, what the future of work looks like and the importance of making an impact for a better future.

Attendees of this complimentary conference will:

  • Gain insights on recruiting emerging talent into your workforce.

  • Hear directly from students about what motivates them to excel at work.

  • Discuss topics like equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how to harness the strengths of intergenerational work.

  • Learn strategies to build a fulfilling and meaningful work experience.

  • Discover tips to effectively supervise a hybrid workforce and stay ahead of new technologies, like AI.

Session recordings on YouTube

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Employer panel: Harnessing student passion and potential for work term success


  • Ashley Stegelmeier, Direct of Product Development, Ceragen
  • Sarah Lima, Campus Talent Program Lead, Geotab
  • Martin Ochwat, CMO, Dundas Life

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Building fulfilling work experiences


  • Dr. Norah McRae, Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education
  • Ruhuni de Alwis, Performance Catalyst

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Embracing student passion to advance your company sustainability goals


  • Easton Page, Instructional Support Co-ordinator,
    Centre for Work-Integrated Learning
  • Robin Andrade, Instructional Support Co-ordinator,
    Centre for Work-Integrated Learning
  • Avery Sudsbury, Student, Environment and Business, University of Waterloo
  • Hayden White, Student, Environmental Sciences/Geoscience Specialization, University of Waterloo

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How AI will impact the future of work


  • Shabnam Ivković, Director, International Strategic Initiatives
  • Joel Blit, Associate Vice President, International and Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Brian Li, Student, Biomedical Engineering, University of Waterloo
  • Komal Vachhani, Student, Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

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The power of diversity in the workplace


  • Bryanne Smart, Associate Director, Indigenous Relations
  • Colleen Phillips-Davis, Associate Director, EDI-AR
  • Margaret McBeath, Co-founder Chief People Experience Officer, Nuclear Promise X
  • Jadelyn Psutka, Sr. Manager, Indigenous Enablement Recruitment, KPMG

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Engaging across generations for healthy workplaces


  • Andrea Prier, Director, Centre for Work-Integrated Learning

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The hybrid workplace: Why it's important to Gen Z


  • Anne-Marie Fannon, Director, Work-Learn Institute
  • Shantal Cardoz, Talent Advisor, Campus Programs, Softchoice
  • Sara Lockhart, Vice President, People Culture, Softchoice

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Student panel: Thriving together for business success


  • Richard Wikkerink, Director of Student and Faculty Relations, Co-operative Education
  • Dea Nair, Donor Relations Specialist, United Way Waterloo Region Communities
  • Ankita Jamdade, Student, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Waterloo
  • Clareena Nagassar, Student, Statistics, University of Waterloo
  • Stephanie Davis, Student, Master of Public Service, University of Waterloo