Drop-in Peer Tutors

Our team of friendly and experienced drop-in peer tutors are undergraduate and graduate University of Waterloo students from a range of faculties. We support students with any kind of communication assignment at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting to final revisions.

Arts First Peer Tutors

Our Arts First peer tutors are advanced undergraduate Arts students who work with specific sections of ARTS 130/140 classes for the entire semester. The Arts First peer tutor for each section works closely with the professor to develop a plan to provide support based on the class assignments and schedule.

Arts First peer tutors may offer support to students one-to-one through drop-in sessions or appointments, or as a group with study sessions or in-class workshops. Each Arts First experience is tailored to a specific class and group of students, so a wide range of services may be offered.

This term, we’re offering Arts First tutoring online through our new Arts First Writing Hub!