2 reasons why you should read a webcomic

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
by S. K.

Have you ever read a webcomic? No? Well, you’re missing out! Webcomics are essentially comics that are posted online. They provide artists with a vast platform to explore their creativity from being interactive like in The Boat to developing reader-creator engagement as seen in a number of host platforms like Webtoons or Tapas. If you’ve never experienced the awesomeness of webcomics, here are two reasons why you should give them a read.

1. Diversity

Growing up, I sought out media content that could encompass my various identities. I began exploring with manga, but even then the content lacked the level of diversity and representation that I wanted in fictional characters. It was only when I recently stumbled upon the world of webcomics a few years ago that I realized what I had been missing all my life. Stories like Moonflower and Rock and Riot reignited my appreciation for comics. I loved how webcomics were able to portray a variety of body types, sexualities, and races without presenting characters in a stereotypical manner.

Diverse webcomic characters of various races and relationships

Source: rockandriotcomic.com

2. Quick Read

I have always been a comic enthusiast, but when I started graduate studies I did not have the time to sit and read a manga or graphic novel for an hour or two. I was too busy. So for me, webcomics were the answer. Since they were typically in bite-sized chunks, I was able to work them into my Pomodoro cycle. New updates of my favourite webcomics, like Novea or Project Nought, could easily fit into my 5-minute breaks. These short bouts of stress-relief are what kept me motivated to continue putting in the effort needed to academically succeed.

Webcomic scrolling down on phone

Source: medium.com

I could probably rattle off about a hundred more reasons for why webcomics are so cool! Still don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself. A great place to start would be through platforms like Webtoons or Tapas which host webcomics from numerous creators. Happy reading!