Best places to study on campus

Monday, August 6, 2018
by Magdalena Bentia

In the midst of exams, the question of where to go study is a daily decision. If you do decide to leave your living space and head over to the UWaterloo campus, here are some of my favourite study spots on campus!

ES Coffee Shop Lounge

This snug spot is located beside the ES Coffee shop room 138 on the bottom floor of Environment 1. With plenty of natural light and large tables around the room, this spot is ideal for group or individual study sessions. The best part is that it is steps away from the ES Coffee Shop which offers Fairtrade coffee as well as gluten-free and vegan treats!

environment lounge room

First Floor of DP

Another spot with plenty of natural light are the tables along the first floor of Dana Porter Library! DP is the biggest library on campus and provides plenty of resources that you might need while studying or completing an assignment.

student studying in library beside window


QNC Basement

The QNC basement is vast and spacious with a few tables on the side walls. You can ditch your classical music playlist here because the piano available is usually played by talented students in their spare time.

PAS Classrooms

Before studying in a classroom, make sure to check the classroom widget on Portal for vacancy times of that room. There are plenty of rooms available, and they are ideal as a distraction-free space because many people try to avoid its maze-like halls.

Environment Courtyard

The Environment Courtyard is located on the first floor of ENV 1. This study space has a living plant wall as well as the sound of trickling water in the background. It is an ideal space for zoning out and focusing on your work. The outlets here are limited, so make sure you find a table near one.

environment courtyard view

Second floor of Science Teaching Complex

The second floor of the Science Teaching Complex outside of the lecture rooms contains many tables for both individual and group projects. Be aware that this spot is usually quite busy and might become disruptive at times.

Arts Hub

The open space in the Arts Hub foyer is relatively new and has plenty of space. With outlets at all the tables and the H3 or Liquid Assests Café just steps away, you won’t want to study anywhere else!

students studying in the arts hub


There you have it; these are my go-to study spots at the UWaterloo campus. Try and switch it up every day to see what location works best for you. With that said, happy studying!