Choosing a Topic

Monday, March 28, 2016
by Jameson Ngo

I’m hungry (I’m always hungry), so I think about the options I have. It’s a bit overwhelming: Should I cook or should I buy? Should I eat a lot or should I just snack? Is there even food in the fridge (and by this, I mean is there anything I want in the fridge)?

me, with bed-head, sitting on my messy bed, stomach growling because I'm hungry
(My hair is too long, I need a haircut)

I’m too lazy to go out and buy food, so I’ll probably cook. But what do I cook? Mac n’ cheese? Pasta? Fried rice? Curry (I love curry)? Grilled cheese? Salad? Just meat and rice? No meat, but some rice? I don’t know! I want everything and nothing at the same time. I’m too lazy to see what’s in the fridge.

Later, I ask my roommates what I want to eat. They don’t know, which is silly. I’ve known them for so long now. They should know me better than that, right?

my fridge, with a calendar and some notes pinned with magnets. A light shines on the fridge as it is all good and heavenly.

So I guess I have to get up and look at what I have in the kitchen:

  • Bread, Rice, Pasta, Flour
  • Sausages, Chicken, Fish
  • Caesar dressing but not lettuce
  • Lots of spices, pesto
  • Milk, Eggs, Butter, Cheese
  • Dried beans
  • Onions, Mushrooms. Garlic
  • Lots of sauces (soy sauce!) and oils (sesame oil and chili pepper oil!), Hot pepper paste
  • Chicken broth
  • Too many things in this list
  • I’m tired

There are too many ingredients. To narrow my scope, what am I in the mood for? I’m sort of in the mood for something crunchy, and I sort of want something spicy?

I deduce that I'll probably have to use the spices and pepper oil/paste. And I guess I’m going to have to fry something to get the crunch? Maybe the flour? What other ingredients can supplement this combo? Meat and veggies sound standard; chicken, onion, and garlic it is.

Now to bring them all together: I could deep fry the meat and veggies and then pan fry them in sauce? Sounds kind of boring.

Oh, I could make dumplings! Dip the dumplings in spicy sauces. That sounds more pleasant.

A plate of pan fried dumplings and a plate of steamed dumplings with a small plate of mix spicy suaces!
These took almost 3 hours to make alone. I hope y'all are happy.