End of Term Blues

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
by Brandon Petryna

There’s this weird bittersweet feeling we tend to get when something is coming to an end. It doesn’t matter whether the ending is a good or bad thing: it’s just somewhat sad every single time! This isn’t a question of reverse-schadenfreude either. I have no answer for you. I’m sure there’s research on the web that can explain this but to avoid having to create a Works Cited list, here’s how I've always dealt with change.

Going to school for the first time was wild

Child holding on to a stop sign while mother pulls him off as a school bus pulls up the street. Text reads:

In my opinion, the worst change is what puberty did to my voice: I do not have the X factor.

Person singing horribly.
No matter how many times I would practice during my solo-phone-voice-recording sessions, I could never fix what nature had done.
Person recording their voice on a cell phone.

Changing schools was pretty lame too

PErson being dragged by his feet. Text reads:

I had dozens of excuses to avoid change

Drawing of child standing. Text reads:
I also had threats
Stick man standing cross armed. Text reads:

Which brings me to my favourite point in adolescence. During this era, I would deal with change by making changes of my own. I still do sometimes.

Eleventh grader with piercings and spiky hair.

Fortunately, university is better. I still can’t sing but everything else is pretty okay.

Person wondering what their major will be tomorrow.

Maybe I’ve become more adaptable; maybe I just don’t care. Who knows? Nowadays, when I have a problem, I usually just Netflix or overthink it until all hypothetical possibilities make real life seem better. All this is to say that co-op is done and I'm sad to be losing my audience of two. ily.