How to get over writer’s block

Monday, November 5, 2018
by S. K.

Writer’s block – it happens to everyone. It’s probably the hardest thing to overcome for any writer. In an effort to help others with this situation, I have compiled a list of strategies that I use when I’m having a hard time thinking of what to write.  


Person writing on paper with a laptop beside them

I know, I know. This seems to be a counterintuitive method when faced with writer’s block. However, just spilling my thoughts on paper can start up the brainstorming process. You may even find that you come up with some ideas that you hadn’t considered before.  

To tell you the truth, I was actually experiencing writer’s block prior to writing this blog post. What helped me the most was the act of writing down a whole bunch of different ideas that could have been feasible as a blog topic. I persisted and narrowed down my topics until I came upon one that I could actually write about in a blog. Through the process of ordering my thoughts some more, I had written the focused and structured blog post that you are now reading.   

Make your own deadlines

Calender with the date 10 circled and the word deadline is underneath in red

A lot of the time, I have writer’s block simply because I am not motivated to think of something to write. Deadlines typically are what give me that drive to push myself to get out of my writer’s block stage. For example, when I’m writing my blogs, I like to set my deadlines to have it completed at least a week before it’s posted. That gives me the time to look it over and get it peer-reviewed too while also ensuring that I am publishing quality content. It can be hard to stay accountable to the deadlines I make though, so I always tell someone close to me when I plan to have the blog completed. By telling someone else my due date, I create some pressure for myself in order to get my mind jogging.

Make an appointment or come to a drop-in

Writing and Communication Centre: Drop-ins at the library

Did you know that the Writing Centre can also help you out with your writer’s block? If you’re in a jam, set up an appointment with us on WCOnline or come by to our drop-ins at DC and DP. We’re more than happy to guide you in the process of brainstorming. Take it from me, beyond spilling my ideas on paper, brainstorming ideas with my friends at the Writing Centre was another great way to get out of the writer's block stage when writing my blog.

Take a short break

Girl sitting on grass and reading a book in the sun

If all else fails, just take a break from your writing! Go outside and take a nature walk or stay in and watch Netflix. Do whatever it is that you need to do to have a good break. For me, I like to listen to music. Nothing beats blasting some good ol’ BTS on my headphones to get me in the zone to write. After a one or two hour break, I always feel refreshed and ready to go back to the initial writing stage mentioned at the beginning of the blog.

Now that you know a bit more about how I deal with writer’s block, try out some of these methods for yourself. You may even find that battling writer’s block is as easy as pie!