Setting the Mood

Monday, March 21, 2016
by Jameson Ngo

Sometimes I’m not in the mood to write, y’know? And when I’m not in the mood (when I’m lazy (all the time)), writing becomes a thousand times harder.

a frowny-face with

It’s important to know that, in the writing process, you will face blocks and obstacles. Sometimes, you’ll have too much going on to focus. And sometimes, you might have too little going on to stay motivated. But either way, you need to get your writing done. So let’s identify what influences your mood:

Personally, when I write, there are several (read as MANY) factors that change my writing mood:

  1. My sleep schedule
  2. My appetite
  3. My surroundings
  4. The time of day
  5. Whether I’ve showered
  6. Etc. because these are all excuses.

a pillow with

If I sleep too little or too much, I probably won’t feel like writing. This is the same when I eat too little or too much (and it depends on what I've eaten). I also prefer to write in the comfort of my bed and at night after I’ve showered.

Depending on all these factors, my mood for writing will change. I’m very picky. And when something isn’t right, then I won’t write.

But what if I need to write? How do I overcome these mood-influencers?

Well, you can’t force yourself to be in a mood. What you can do is convince (lie to) yourself.

That’s what I do.

a coffee cup. headphones playing music, a pair of socks, and underwear

So get comfortable by: listening to music, finding a nice place in the library, drinking some coffee, wear nice socks and/or underwear? Whatever sets the mood to successfully trick yourself. You are in the mood for some writing, not because you have a paper due tomorrow at 12PM or because you’re off schedule, but because you want to!

Eventually, when you lie enough, they become the truth.

(This advice really only works if you’re a lazy writer. If you’re stressed or tired or unwilling, have some downtime because writing in your current state will not get you anywhere. It can even be detrimental!)