What's Under Your Bed?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
by Brandon Petryna

Long, long ago when I was young and dependent, my parents would nag about the state of my bedroom: it rarely met their standards of tidy. I would challenge their unrealistic ideals by questioning them. When this failed to help my cause I would shove everything under the bed.

Why do my clothes need to be put away? I’m going to wear them eventually; why must the bed be made? I’ll be sleeping in it again, tonight; who am I hurting? Why does this “who” care?

Person throwing their arms in the air gesturing

My childhood was far too busy to be worrying about cleaning my bedroom. When I was 5, I was a dinosaur. And dinosaurs don’t clean rooms: they eat bad guys.

Child roaring like a dinosaur.
When I was 8, I was designing blueprints for a super-awesome-teleportation-car-plane.

Blueprints of a car with a plane on top.
When I was 17, I was trapped on the YouTube. Always.

Person sitting at a computer.
Fortunately, the state of my room never affected my performance. Based on this unbiased observation, I conclude that everyone functions differently. We all have our own styles and approaches to getting tasks completed: I, for one, thrive in chaos. 

Person standing in the wind with an erupting volcano and scorching hot sun in the background.

Frankly, if you see my room, you might cringe; when I see my room, I see an opportunity for a hip Instagram post. Just because someone does something one way does not mean it’s the only way. This nugget of wisdom can be applied to your studies. A clean room might help one person focus but that doesn’t mean it’s a priority for someone else’s working space. 

Until my next transmission.