Rock Your Thesis

Thursday, October 13, 2022

This three part workshop series can give you the tips and information you need to plan, draft, and revise your thesis, dissertation, or your dissertation proposal. While the first session has already passed by, you can still join in for the second and third parts of the series! 

PART 2: Starting to Write (October 14, 1-4pm) 


The second part of the Rock Your Thesis workshop series is all about getting started on your first draft. It's about equipping you with the skills you need to start writing a large academic writing project like a thesis, dissertation or dissertation proposal. There are four main objectives that this workshop aims to highlight to participants. These involve: 

  1. Introducing strategies for describing the contribution and significance of your research project. 

  2. Giving you a chance to create or revising guiding research questions for your literature review. 

  3. Reviewing a range of organizational options for structuring your literature review. 

  4. Helping you to balance making a clear argument with academic integrity when paraphrasing and summarizing. 

While this workshop is available to all graduate students, we here at the WCC believe that this workshop is best suited for Master’s and PhD students who have selected a research topic for their thesis or dissertation and are ready to write, or are currently writing, the project proposal or the project itself. 


PART 3: Revise and Submit (November 25 1-4pm) 

The third and final part of our Rock Your Thesis workshop series is full of information about getting you the skills you need in order to thoroughly revise and defend your thesis or dissertation. It will also help you to design a final submission plan for your work. All in all, this hands-on interactive workshop has three main objectives to cover. These are: 

  1. To help you review the submission and defence processes in addition to the timelines for your thesis or dissertation. 

  2. To introduce you to a range of revision strategies for both the structural and sentence level of your work. 

  3. To provide participants with an opportunity to try out revision and peer review activities in a welcoming environment. 

Once again, we at the WCC believe that this workshop is most advantageous for Master’s and PhD students who have written at least part of their thesis or dissertation draft. Additionally, for this part of the workshop, we do ask that you please bring a laptop, a digital copy of your work-in-progress, and a printed copy of at least 10 pages of your thesis or dissertation with you. 


If these workshops sound interesting to you, please don't hesitate to sign up! 

You can register for these workshops and our many other grad-oriented workshops by clicking this link here: