PJ-Friendly Writing Groups for Undergrads

The PJ-Friendly Writing Groups for Undergrads is on hiatus for the Spring 2022 term. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall!

Want to meet other undergrads? Hate writing alone? Craving some accountability and commiseration?

Get motivated!

Join a peer tutor and a group of your fellow undergraduates to:

  • meet other students
  • brainstorm ideas for your assignments
  • get some writing done
  • and celebrate your accomplishments!

Meet with us on Microsoft Teams for our weekly writing sessions. Then check in with us on Teams throughout the week for motivation, resources, and solidarity as we navigate our assignment loads. For every 6 sessions you attend this term, you earn a #WaterlooWrites mug!

How to join:

Come once in the term, or come each week. The choice is yours. See you on Teams!