Clare Bermingham (she/they)

Director, Writing and Communication Centre
Clare Bermingham

Dr. Clare Bermingham has been the director of the Writing and Communication Centre (WCC) since 2014, and she provides strategic leadership for the Centre’s programming, pedagogy, and other activities. In collaboration with academic leadership, instructors, campus partners, and students, her team helps ensure that undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows have the communication skills they need to learn and succeed in their courses, programs, and scholarly activities. Clare is committed to equity and access in postsecondary, and she emphasizes the need to make academic conventions explicit and foster students’ agency and self-awareness as communicators.

Clare is involved with the Undergraduate Communication Requirement Group, the Arts First Advisory Committee, and the Standing Committee for New Technologies and Academic Integrity. She is currently examining writing with Generative AI to encourage ethical and productive integrations of GenAI technologies in teaching and learning communication skills.

Clare has a PhD in English Language and Literature from the University of Waterloo. She serves as Past-President on the board of the Canadian Writing Centres Association.

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