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Starts September 4th!


Hey, first-year Warriors!

Are you thinking about writing assignments and presentations in your first-year courses? Are you wondering about your professors' expectations and how you can best meet them? 

Check out Waterloo Ready to Write! We’ve designed this program to support your experience in online courses as you tackle writing assignments and other communication tasks. We’ve timed the content to match with the typical timeline of an academic term. It’s free of course, there’s no grading involved, and you can engage with the resources at your own pace.  

Here’s how it works.

Throughout the Fall 2020 term, we’re releasing a series of learning resources and online workshops, and hosting live Reddit chats, on a range of topics relevant to first-years, including high school vs. university writing, breaking down your assignments, reading your syllabus for success, and more. 

Each downloadable learning resource is located here, on the Waterloo Ready to Write website. Once a learning resource is released, it’s yours to access again and again.  

Our fun and interactive workshops, on the other hand, are located in LEARN. To participate, all you need to do is self-register in the LEARN community called “WCC Workshops.”  

Every Thursday from September 17 to December 17 we’re also hosting a live Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to address any and all of your writing-related concerns. Don’t be shy: no question is too big or small. 

Check out the Waterloo Ready to Write schedule below for a closer look at what’s in store this fall. 

Let’s get ready!

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so we’ve made it easy for you to follow the program with our Waterloo Ready to Write subscription list. Sign-up now to receive an email when new content drops, all semester long (no spam – we promise).  


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